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Chain Reaction

Last project as of now is the Chain Reaction.

One of the photographers is (picked randomly) to translate a preceding photo.
Once they take the photo, they will send it to me and I will pass it on to the next participant.
The next participant will then take a picture of whatever comes to mind just by looking at the first picture of the previous
photographer. And that’s how this is going to roll from one person to the next!

Here’s a glimpse:

This was taken by Caryn Leigh Posnansky from NYC .


This is what she wrote about it:

“I interpreted the photo I received as fear and growing old alone is one of my biggest fears”

Follow by this photo came the one by Mohammed Nasir from Dubai:

“The Lonesome Moon At Night.
The moon is, and always will be, alone…and that’s how that previous picture reminded me of that.”

Follow by Mohammed’s photo came the one by  Giulia Bellezza from Milano, Italy:

“I figured that the photo you sent me was a negative and i tried to find in Milan a place that reminds me this pictures.”