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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Morning across the globe Feb. 11th 2010


By Donald Oliver Byrd-
“Feb. 11th 2010 my daughter was born”.

Bologna, Italy

By Lora Frohman

Shanghai, China

By Ayelet Aviv-
“The story behind the picture “Only Liya came to school today”: The Chinese new year’s vacation is about to start and most of the families have alredy gone away to vacate in the warm countries around China (like Thailand, Singapure, Phillipins) or to their homelands. My daughter was the only student in her class who arrived to school today. and so you see her coat hanged alone on the wall.”

Düsseldorf, Germany

By Jan Bonny

Tel Aviv, Israel

By Kineret Levi-
“After Pilatais… drinking juice”


By caryn Posnansky-
“When I got my text, I was on my way to my first shoot for the morning.
Photo taken at 9:35am, NYC, Central Park West @ 72nd Street. Oh what a beautiful morning!!!”