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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Nov. 26th 2009 6:55PM GMT

Some of the moments on Nov. 26th

9PM Madrid, Spain

By Nuphar Charsky-
Taken while waiting to cross the street on my way to the metro station,
after a very long but satisfying day.

6:06 PM, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

By Juliana Serfaty

7:55PM Genzano Di Roma, Italy

By Avi Ofer-
During International Animation Film Festival “Castelli Animati”,
Cinema Modernissimo.

2:55PM Durham, North Carolina

By Alisa Katz-
While on a walk at the Duke Gardens.


By Assaf Ben-Nun-
“Turkey Turkey”.

7:55PM Avezzano, Italy

By Giovanni Venditti-
“Chiara” When the message arrived, my sister was in front of the mirror and she was gettin’ ready to go out.
I just took a (sequence-16) picture of her. Then I asked “Is it ok for knowledge and permission, dear sister?”
and she said “Yeah, bye”. That’s all.

6:58PM Co. Donegal Ireland

By Christopher Curran-
Its cold, wet and this is the only light and shelter i can get,
smoking’s just not worth it…

9PM Tel Aviv, Israel

By Yoav Israeli-
Do I really need to explain???